When you work in the GreenBoxSmile® business system, you ensure the quality of your business!

What do we mean by quality assurance?

Utilizing a systematic work environment is a form of operational quality control enabling you to create and maintain a well managed business environment. To have a safe and healthy work environment, janitorial operations and chemical handling are an important parts. A clean environment can hinder the spread of disease. Proper handing and documentation of chemicals lower the risk of personnel exposure. Your operation can be accredited by INSTA 800 by using GreenBoxSmile in combination with training/certification of cleaning staff, operations managers in housekeeping.

GreenBoxSmile® allow you to record that the ventilation works and maintains a high level of air quality at the workplace. It must be checked at regular intervals by approved and trained personnel and verified with an OVK-Certificate which guarantees that the air, ventilation is approved. Checks can be scheduled and certificates stored in GreenBoxSmile®.

When you work with ISO standards, you want to ensure the quality of various business processes through the quality management system 9001,

documents and verifies and how the business various work processes affect the environment by relying on the 14001 series. To improve and ensure the work environment in the business you use ISO 45001 and to protect and secure your information you use the ISO 27001 series. Since May 2018, the protection of personal integrity has also been regulated through "GreenBoxSmile®", the Data Protection Regulation which must be followed.

You can ensure the quality of your buildings, facilities, grounds and garages through, among other things, systematic fire protection work. This means that you plan, train, document and follow up the fire protection efforts.

If you have a restaurant or food handling in the business, management you quality-assure the business through self-checks and hazard analyzes and critical control points. To control the dangers that constitute a significant risk in your business. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. HACCP.