GreenBoxSmile® is a unique business application. It is industry independent. You can keep track of your organization's work environment, HVAC, fire protection hazardous materials, ISO documentation,  

restaurant-food-beverage operations, facillity grounds, construction processes, Chemicals,

janitorial - hotell services, whistleblowing system and much more in a single system! 

GreenBoxSmile® helps you comply with applicable laws and regulations!

GreenBoxSmile® frees up resources in organization

eliminates the need for different Excel sheets and other third party solutions! 
You can work with the entire business system or individual modules.. 
You retain ownership of your data, stored in this system.

GreenBoxSmile®  your administrative support

You don't need to know which laws and regulations apply! GreenBoxSmile takes into account the applicable laws and regulations.

Which means that you automatically follow current regulations when you work in the system.

You can spend more time on your business!

You can focus on your "Core Business"
- Earn Money!
- Take care of customers
- Sleep peacefully at night :)