Consulting and training services!

Stefan Bäcklin

Performs consulting services in all areas Fire safety inspector, chemicals, personnel, food HACCP, organization and operations, Cleanliness INSTA 800 ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 27001, GDPR, Risk analyses, Human Factor and System Safety. Also perform quality checks.

Rolf Andersson Stockholm- "Städgross"

We are proud to "have" Rolf in our team and to be able to offer professional training and advice in cleaning, housekeeping and chemicals!

Christer Brannefalk

Performs consulting services in property management and is a specialist in ventilation- OVK Trains in GreenBoxSmile® and the OVK module

Stefan Bäcklin's consulting services in more detail!

Stefan Bäcklin's ISO knowledge and work!

Stefan Bäcklin started working with ISO in 1994, was involved in certifying an IT company according to Tick-It, this was the beginning of both ISO and personnel work. I subscribe and work since several years with the following standards. GreenBoxSmile® is created using these ISO Standards....
- PECB Certified ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor.
- OHSAS 18001 becomes ISO 45001
- 9001, 9004, 14001, 45001, 27001, 27002, 27005
  27007 and graphic symbols ISO TC45
- 27018 Guidelines protection of personal data
- 9241-6 Ergonomic requirements for office work
   with display terminals - Part 6 Guidelines
   and design of the work environment.
- 31000 Risk management
- 19011 Audit guidance
- 16763 Fire and rescue - Services for fire    protection and security systems
- 16627 Durability of buildings - Valuation of
   building economic performance Calculation
- 17788 Cloud-based services 
- 21054 Area measurement and volume of
- 15978 Sustainability of buildings value and 
   calculation method
- 7001 Public information symbols
- 17724 Graphical symbols - Vocabulary
- 7010 Graphic symbols safety colours and
   safety signs
- 3864-1 Graphical warning signs and design 
- 884000 Municipal business piloting
   management process and personnel
- 16747 Port security services
- 22000 Food safety requirements for
  organization operating in the food chain
- 22002-5 Basic requirement for food safety 
  Transport and storage
- 990000 Arboriculture Terms and definitions
- 16082 Airport and airtransport safety services
- 15804 Sustainability of buildings- 
   Environmental declarations-Product-specific       rules
- 13549  Cleaning services - Basic requirements     and recommendations for quality
   measurement systems
- INSTA 800 1-2 and Level 3 (End October -22)
- SIS HB326 E-book Checklist work environment
- SIS HB 354 Practical guidens for ISO 45001

Stefan Bäcklin construction - property (Land)

Since 2012, Stefan Bäcklin has > 22,000 photos of properties and construction works in various stages of the construction process, as well as a solid knowledge of real estate, land/water areas and construction works. The work consist of all stages from design, Building Permit to Demolition. The entire life cycle. Stefan is a major customer of Svensk Byggtjänst and over the years has read a lot of literature, spent much time at construction sites mainly in Skåne and Gothenburg. Up to 
today Stefan has follow formal knowledge .. 
- Base P and Base U 
- BE driver's license, 
- Truck license TLP10 (A1-A4) B1 
- Responsibility training Truck for managers 
- Lift training (1A 3A) (1B 3B) 
- Secure Lift - Training on positions 
- Fall protection training - Route 1 and 2 
- Work on Road Stage 1.1 
- Quartz and stone dust in the work environment
- Asbestos, Chemical health risks 
- Fire training Lithium ion batteries 
- Work environment for managers 
- Chemical work environment risks 
- Chemical handling and safety data sheets 
- Allergenic chemical products/plastics 
- IChemistry Control from Intersolia 
- Work conditions and special offer

Stefan Bäcklin Flammable work, SBA and 

Fire Safety Inspector

Stefan Bäcklin has undergone new training in flammable work and as a fire safety inspector. That means jobs and being Stefan can work as a fire watchman, grant hot jobs
- Work as a fire protection officer
- Fire safety inspector
- Work with SBA Systematic fire protection   work  and practical application.
- The Accident Protection Act (LSO)
- MSB advice and regulations
-Passive and active fire protection systems
- Self-control - Electrical safety
- Preventive fire protection
- The property owner or usufructuary
    responsibility of the holder
- The municipality's responsibility in the 
   construction process and at
    supervision of fire protection.
- Worked with AGM Brandtätnig 2011 - 2013
- Installation Fire Protection Ventilation 
   Electricity - Pipes
- Bearing constructions and fire
- Fire protection Boverket building regulations
- Fire protection lifts, Carrying capacity in case of
- Concrete and fire
- Fire protection for facades
- Self-checks for fire protection
- Property protection against arson
- Evacuation alarm-Panic - emergency
   evacuation attachment

Stefan Bäcklin IT in organization & operations

Stefan Bäcklin has been able to work with IT systems in organizational/operational and information security matters professionally since January 1987. With following knowledge and experience. - SCALA ERP Financially system main focus at
   warehouse and production solutions. The work 
   consist of the complete cycle from prospect to
   end support. With a numerous firms.
 - We needed to perform a gap analysis, period of    time 3 - 6 month at customers premises before  an implementation could be performed.
  Customers ABB High Voltage Cable Karlskrona, 
  Trelleborg AB, Höganäs AB, Kinnevik, Investor
- Stefan is a certified developer in Microsoft
   Dynamics/Nav. Ended all development in 2013
   Special area was fashion and the module
    Trimit Fashion. 
 - I have implemented Navision at a number of
   companies and Softone business systems.
- Knowledge and training in Monitor business
  system, System Andersson connected to VISMA
- ECS Licensed cable installer of Cat 5-6 and
  fiber FDDI.
- Design and installation of structured
  real estate network of both copper network and
- Information security, is specially trained by
  Dr. Alan Solomon, creator of “Dr. Solomon anti
  virus program" in recovery from crashed
  hard drives, has performed a number of
  "Rescue" missions.
  The first virus fixes.. Jerusalem, Joshi and

Stefan Bäcklin Human Factor - System Safety

Since January 1994, Stefan Bäcklin has worked with personnel-organization/operations issues. Has solid theoretical and practical training in personnel and Human Factors & System Safety - Ongoing Master's training at University of Lund
- Member Human Factor Network Sweden at
    University of Linköping.
- Ongoing training as a behavior Educator,
- Psychology and work-oriented rehabilitation
- Basic course in accident investigation at
   University of Karlstad, will start 2023
- Ongoing training for managers at Prevent
- Work environment for Managers
- ISO 45001 Work environment
- Regular SAM Systematic work environment
- Worker protection rules for the construction
- Constitutional handbook for the construction
- Laws and Labor Law in practice
- Working environment law and rehabilitation
- Stroke
- Behavioral analysis and behavioral support
- Work with unions and collective agreements
- General rules on LAS, Working hours
- "HR" work
- Legally trained in GDPR and completed one
   number of assignments at different firms and 

Stefan Bäcklin Cleaning and Property Management

Stefan Bäcklin started cleaning preschools and schools, when "Holliday" In the professional life  worked with Decontamination and larger cleaning companies at management level. Have driven out "wash" machines for various jobs as I hold a BE driving license. Has also performed various cleaning jobs, operated a scrubber, etc.
- Holds SRY Certificate (on the way)
- INSTA 800 1-2 Certificate must go level 3 at the   end October -22
- Works with chemical handling
- Works with preventive work environment
- Works with risk analyses
- Worked and "studied" for many years with
   regulations applicable construction works
   such as...
- Working with detailed plans
- The property sector's own controls
- Property owner's responsibility
- Documentation in contracts, EAT, AMA,
- Coclass, OmniClass, UniClass
- ABT, Water and sewage,
- The basics of building technology
- Corrective maintenance - Channelization and
  pipe marking
- The housing authority's building regulations
- Construction law
- Excavate safely, setting up heavy vehicles
- AutoCad, Revit, BIM objects IFC field meaning.

Stefan Bäcklin Pilot Boeing 737 & Human Factor & System Safety

Stefan Bäcklin, began flying in 1992 at Malmö flying club. Continued with corporate flights with a two engine machine that could take 8 passengers (PA31). 2007 finished with ATPL Air Transport Pilot License" Joint professional pilot license valid for the whole of Europe. Did my Boeing 737 training at Sterling A/S Kastrup to start flying passengers in scheduled traffic with Boeing 737 (Ryanair aircraft) in May 2008. In Riga Latvia.

In 2000, I started working with "human factor" and attended training at the "Luftfartsverket" H50P then held a number of appreciated trainings at Sturup's flight club. In connection with this, I contacted Professor Sidney Dekker at TFHS in Ljungbyhed and began to seriously study and work with "Human Factor" issues!
My first book on the subject is Professor Sidney Dekker's book "The field Guide to Human Error investigation" (I have all editions of
Professor Sidney Dekker:) And have "Sidney's" approval to use his material in my work! Please visit Professor Sidney Dekker's website. Http://

Stefan Bäcklin Restaurant, Food & beverage

Stefan Bäcklin has several years of experience from the restaurant and food industry.. The fact that I ended up in the "restaurant" industry was when I delivered and installed an IBM PS/2 computer in 1988 to the restaurant "Tre lyktor" in Trelleborg, then I learned, among other things, how the price of beer was regulated with food etc.. Since then a lot has happened and I have mainly worked with what the "restaurateur" has to struggle with.. Check fridge, freezer temp and document these according to current HACCP requirements
Hazard analysis and critical control points or
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.
This has become more and more extensive with many different requirements.. Staff lieder etc. Sometimes I have jumped into the counter!
In my work, I have helped a number of restaurants to create and digitize self-checks and mark up roundabouts and checklists with barcodes.. Chemical handling and safety data sheets. Quite simply, the "chefs" can concentrate on cooking!

Stefan Bäcklin has a valid certificate/ and can participate in the restaurant, must attach a copy of my course certificate and I have the experience and training required to be able to help with the EKP self-control program and GHP Good hygiene practice. and much more.

GreenBoxSmile®   Do all the work for You:)

Winning Solutions Inc. has built an amazing integrated business system for most common business work tasks! During all stages of development, WSI has taken all the ISO standards Stefan Bäcklin are using as you can read.. in consideration!