Has the previously so smooth Excel solution turned into a colossus?

It is easy to create "Business solutions" that we can be shared in Excel. When someone overwrites a formula or makes an unwanted change, the frustration can be great. Yes, many of us have experienced the confusion when our Excel solution has let us down.

From Excel to Sharepoint....

SharePoint is a popular way to share documents and information in various forms. However, "SharePoint" can become a huge time and cost burden that requires both maintenance and administration by specially trained people. One can easily give up when this happens….

And all other third-party products....
Individual apps for each area you need to manage

Systematic fire protection work

You may have one or more individual apps for tracking fire protection work, keep track of fire extinguisher expiration and building drawings

Restaurant food handling

There is a staff log, and much more that must be documented and updated, this can be especially costly and time-consuming if you are a hotel or restaurant chain!

Timekeeping solutions!

Time is one of the most important work assets to have control over, will my colleagues and employees be on time? Is the time card and time invoice correct? Are the invoices we receive from contracted services providers accurate?