GreenBoxSmile® is a unique integrated business system where all modules work together and today, we enable you to manage over 100 normally occurring work tasks in all businesses!

Crisis management, alarm list & security app

GreenBoxSmile® contains a full crisis management module including alert list which also details the location of the person in crisis! The business system has an advanced "Alert App" that works for both iPhone and Android phones and is adapted to your specific business if needed for an additional fee. We use the international telecom operator Twilio to guarantee "worldwide" alert message delivery across all major cellular networks. Create "Business Continuity plan" before the crisis occurs!

Independent of ISO standard

No matter what ISO standard you have achived or are working toward with 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001, 33001 and so on GreenBoxSmile® can help with ISO record keeping!

Ventilation and HVAC certificate

GreenBoxSmile® has a complete ventilation management and OVK module. Perform your ventilation check, print the certificate directly and email the protocol to the municipality. You have 100% current and historical documentation of your ventilation system.

Systematic fire protection

GreenBoxSmile® solves your systematic fire protection work in an elegant way. A complete system for your entire business whether it is local or global! If you need to update the information on thousands of fire extinguishers in the business, it handles it. And you get 100% control and oversight of your fire protection readiness.

Janitorial-cleaning & chemicals

GreenBoxSmile® handles cleaning supplies, management of physical keys, chemicals, safety data sheets, service vehicles, construction works, grounds, articles, machines and equipment and with advantage INSTA 800, hotels, cleaning companies, real estate companies or just that in your business you want to have control over the cleaning.

Restaurant - Food - Beverage

GreenBoxSmile® manages restaurants food and beverage, logbooks, quality assurance of the business through guided self-checks and hazard analysis and critical control points to control the hazards that constitute a significant risk in your business. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. HACCP. Whether you are a hotel, restaurant chain or a local restaurant does not matter to GreenBoxSmile®

All types of construction projects, regardless of construction stage

GreenBoxSmile® handles all types of construction work regardless of where in the construction process it is, from building permit to demolition, the entire life cycle process with associated images and drawings! Complete.... Can it get any better? As a "Construction worker" said. "A dream come true! Better ratings don't exist :) Connect construction projects together with land areas, people and objects! Last but not least project lifetime CO2 emission calculation, (Exact calculation!)

All kinds of people, locations and animals in agricultural production

GreenBoxSmile® manages all types of personnel, we mean all people, animals who are in a building or outside on the land., This includes tools to manage customers, suppliers, tenants, employees, members, and various positions connected to buildings or land (Properties) as we choose to define them. Connect people to buildings, land areas and objects!

All types of land, area regardless of stage

GreenBoxSmile® manages all types of land regardless of use, from meadow to park. Inventory, maintenance, building permits and all work that may occur including risk analysis, people who visit, use of the land, Add drawings and connect land areas with structures, people and objects!

All types of vehicles

GreenBoxSmile® handles all types of vehicles and can be connected to all construction operations, land areas and people, service, keys, inspection information, running times, you get full control over the entire life cycle,:)

All types of items-inventory

GreenBoxSmile® manages all types of object inventories and these can and are connected to all buildings, land areas and people, service, rack location, inspection information, expiration dates, you get full control over the entire life cycle, Everything:) and traceability!

All kinds of tools and machines

GreenBoxSmile® handles all types of object tools and these can and are connected to all buildings, land areas and people, service, keys, inspection information, running times, you get full control over the entire life cycle, Everything:) and operator history!

AutoCad & Revit all types of drawings

GreenBoxSmile® handles all types of drawings and formats AutoCad (Dwg files), Revit files and PDFs these can and are connected to all buildings, land areas and people can link the IFC fields from Revit directly to GreenBoxSmile®

Project and document management

GreenBoxSmile® handles all types of projects and documents, ISO documents, building permit documents, contracts, traceability and follow-up. Document owners, reviewers, Yes, the whole chain is involved, including reminders until the document is approved.

Supply Chain Management, harbor

GreenBoxSmile® handles supply chain management, inventory management, vehicles, ships, aircraft, containers, people, contract traceability and follow-up. Yes, the whole chain from producer to transit warehouse to customer!

Warehouses and structural items

GreenBoxSmile® handles an unlimited number of storage locations, articles including structural articles., agreement traceability to country of origin, area and follow-up. Yes, the whole chain from producer to transit warehouse to customer! Submit your articles to the website or a client.

Channelization and pipe marking

GreenBoxSmile® handles all types of ducting electricity data, process industry, building doesn't matter full traceability and the possibility of correct pipe marking, drawing, CAD drawing the whole chain from start to finish..  You get 100% control over the business!

Complaints - Issue management

Yes, of course we have a complete complaint and case management system, attach pictures etc. including cost follow-up, Full traceability!

Property owners and tenants

GreenBoxSmile® handles it as a tenant, property owners can request case management in different languages, photos of the apartment, keys, checklists when moving in, drawings, self-checks cost follow-up, check lists when moving out, Full traceability! And much more.

Booking and invoicing of premises

With GreenBoxSmile® you can book premises and conference rooms, furnish with various fixtures and invoice for the space and added ammenities.

Risk analysis and self-performed checklists

With GreenBoxSmile®, you can create an unlimited number of risk analyses and your own checklists linked to which objects, land areas, construction, vehicles and people you want!

Scheduling & individuals improvement form

GreenBoxSmile® has a complete personnel administration module that contains everything you need to be able to complete your work in the role of personnel/HR responsiblities.

Advanced visitor system 

GreenBoxSmile® has a full visitor function that is based on database programming by WSI. The U.S. government uses the system at facilities where there is a volume of key persons visiting "U.S. Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration"

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos Laboratory (Department of Energy. National Nuclear Security Administration.) GreenBoxSmile® Maintenance Tracking Database is created by the same programming team that developed GreenBoxSmile®.

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

GreenBoxSmile® has the ability to manage agriculture and animal husbandry in its entirety, chemicals, vehicles, animals and marking, care and other administrative tasks.

Prefab and construction logistics

GreenBoxSmile® handles complete Prefab manufacturing to final assembly, drawings, transportation to when the tenants move in. From Building Permit to Demolition, the entire life cycle.

Service orders, vehicles, items

GreenBoxSmile® manages complete service orders with articles, vehicles, drawings, scheduling, checklists, information to the tenants when one or more works are to be performed!

Time accounting, machinery, suppliers, staff

GreenBoxSmile® keeps complete track of time, regardless of whether it concerns personnel, suppliers who must carry out work on the grounds that you have difficulty controlling or machines in production when you manufacture materials or running times for service and maintenance, in short when time is important to keep track of and be able to track personnel’s’, equipment’s time and scheduling etc... GreenBoxSmile® does the work for you!

Common calendar for the entire business

GreenBoxSmile® has a unique calendar that connects everything that has an end date in a common calendar for the entire business and of course individual calendars!

Nine different languages

GreenBoxSmile® is currently available in nine different languages Arabic, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, English and Swedish